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Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek

Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek

[list type=" icon-circle-arrow-right"] [li] Magnificent View of Dudhsagar Waterfall[/li] [li] India's fifth tallest waterfall [/li] [li] Goa’s most attractive spots [/li] [/list]
Waterfall Rappelling

Waterfall Rappelling

[list type=" icon-circle-arrow-right"] [li] 70 ft Rappelling [/li] [li] 150 ft Flying Fox [/li] [li] Thrilling Waterfall Trek [/li] [/list]

Kataldhar Waterfall Trek

[list type=" icon-circle-arrow-right"] [li] Waterfall Trek[/li] [li] One Day Weekend Trek [/li] [li] Green Valley View [/li] [/list]
Explorers_Torna_Night Trek

Torna Moonlight Trek

[list type=" icon-circle-arrow-right"] [li] Tea & Packed Breakfast[/li] [li] Budhla machi [/li] [li] Bini Darwaaja [/li] [/list]
Rajmachi biking

Rajmachi Off-Road Biking

[list type=" icon-circle-arrow-right"] [li] 2 Day Trek[/li] [li] Camping[/li] [li] Barbecue [/li] [/list]
Shrighan Tungu

Shirghan-Tungu Manali Trek

Shirghan-Tungu Manali Trek- 11 Days Get chilled in hot summer… The name Manali is derived from the word ‘Manualaya’ meaning ‘Home of Manu’ (The power giver), the saint who gave the world. Manali is located in the upper Kullu valley, at an altitude of 6000ft. (2050m), and is...
Roopkund-Mystery Lake Explorers

Roopkund-Mystery Lake

Roopkund – Mystery Lake About Roopkund-Mystery Lake…(Above 16000 Feet from Sea Level) The Roopkund-Mystery Lake is to a Himalayan trekker what the movie ‘Sholay’ is to a hardcore Bollywood buff. Just like Sholay is the complete Bollywood entertainer (it...
Adventure Activities Manali Adventure Camp Explorers Pune Mumbai

Manali Adventure Camp

Manali Adventure Camp About Manali Adventure Camp (Above 9000 Feet from Sea Level) Explorers have developed a 10 days Manali Adventure Camp in true Himalayan style that offers additional emphasis on outdoor teaching techniques. Manali Adventure Camp is designed to develop outdoor...