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Andharban Jungle Trek 2024

Andharban Jungle Trek 2024 Andharban, itself means dense dark forest. Andharban is one of the most popular trek in rainy season. The route of Andharban trek is a pleasurable walk through deep forest, crossing Streams, waterfalls. Andharban trek starts with descending a Beautiful...
Dukes Nose

Dukes Nose Get-Together Trek 2024

Dukes Nose Get-Together Trek Nagphani, later known as Duke’s Nose after Duke Wellington, is a cliff at Khandala. The Cliff is pointed like a snakes pointed head portion (hood) and hence the name Nagphani (Nag means snake and phani means hood). This is a marvelous trekking spot...
Bhorgiri to Bhimashankar

Bhorgiri to Bhimashankar Trek

Bhorgiri to Bhimashankar Trek About Bhorgiri to Bhimashankar Trek. Bhorgiri village is a very small village. There are hills on the three side of the village. And one of the hills has Bhorgiri fort and caves. The trek route is through dense jungle and provides many opportunities...
Shivtharghal Tour

Shivtharghal Tour

Shivtharghal Tour About Shivtharghal – Waranda – Zulta Pool Tour: Located in Raigad district of Maharashtra, Shivtharghal is a Beautiful & Spiritual place surrounded by sahyadri ranges & dense forest. Shivtharghal, also known as Sundarmath. Shivtharghal is a...
Lonavala Waterfall Rappelling 2018 #Explorers #ExplorersTreks&Tours #ExplorersOutdoors #ExplorersPune #Treks&Tours #adventure #rappelling #waterfallrappelling #trekking #nature #teamexplorers

Lonavala Waterfall Rappelling & Flying Fox 2022

About Lonavala Waterfall Rappelling & Flying Fox As per the Tradition of last 22 years this year also Explorers have arranged the Waterfall Rappelling & Flying Fox for Near Lonavala. Getting down around 60 feet through a gushing waterfall & Fly like a bird around...

Kalsubai Peak Trek

[list type=" icon-circle-arrow-right"] [li] Highest Peak in Sahyadri [/li] [li] Lush Green Valleys [/li] [li] Kalsubai Temple [/li] [/list]
Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek

Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek

[list type=" icon-circle-arrow-right"] [li] Magnificent View of Dudhsagar Waterfall[/li] [li] India's fifth tallest waterfall [/li] [li] Goa’s most attractive spots [/li] [/list]