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Lohgad About Lohgad: Lohgad trek is one of the easiest trek ideal for beginners and the trek route to Lohgad is more of an easy hike that involves no climbing, with stairs at the end of the trail leading to the fort. During monsoon, the top of the fort is covered with mist and...
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Lonavala Waterfall Rappelling & Flying Fox 2022

About Lonavala Waterfall Rappelling & Flying Fox As per the Tradition of last 22 years this year also Explorers have arranged the Waterfall Rappelling & Flying Fox for Near Lonavala. Getting down around 60 feet through a gushing waterfall & Fly like a bird around...

Ratangad – Amruteshwar

Ratangad – Amruteshwar About Ratangad: Ratangad is one of the forts which give panoramic view of Sahyadri Ranges near Bhandardara lake. As the name suggests it is a jewel (Ratna) amidst the forest in Bhandardara area. Ratanwadi is the base village for Ratangad having oldest...


Kalavantingad About Kalavantingad Explore yourself in this monsoon one day trek to Kalavantin Durg. Rivet in the mesmerizing beauty of the region while enthralling in this amazing trek. Kalavantingad is situated on the northeast side of Panvel, on Mumbai-Pune road. One can see...

Canyon Valley Trek – Holi Special

Canyon Valley Trek – Holi Special About Canyon Valley Trek Canyon means a deep valley with steep rock sides and often a stream or river flowing through it. Canyon Valley waterfall fall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls located between Lonavala and khandala. Canyon...

Raireshwar – Kenjalgad

[list type=" icon-circle-arrow-right"] [li] Valley of Flowers [/li] [li] Raireshwar[/li] [li] Kenjalgad [/li] [/list]

Upande Ghat to Madhe Ghat

[list type=" icon-circle-arrow-right"] [li] Upande Ghat[/li] [li] Madhe Ghat[/li] [li] Lush Green Valley [/li] [/list]

Kaas Plateau – Thoseghar – Sajjangad

[list type=" icon-circle-arrow-right"] [li] Kaas Pathar[/li] [li] Sajjangad [/li] [li] Thoseghar Waterfall[/li] [/list]

Khandas to Bhimashankar by Ladder Way

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Naneghat to Malshej Ghat

Naneghat-Malshej Ghat

[list type=" icon-circle-arrow-right"] [li] Explore Caves[/li] [li] Best trek in Monsoon[/li] [li] Nanacha Angatha [/li] [/list]