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Rajmachi biking

Rajmachi Off-Road Biking

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Shirghan-Tungu Trek 2024

Shirghan-Tungu Trek About Shirghan-Tungu (4250 Mtr. from Sea Level) Want to enjoy the pristine Himalayan wilderness and have a memorable trekking experience, which takes you in a different tangent altogether, Welcome to SHIRGAN–TUNGU (PRE-MONSOON) BASE TREK (A GROUP OF GIGANTIC...
Roopkund-Mystery Lake Explorers

Roopkund-Mystery Lake

Roopkund – Mystery Lake About Roopkund-Mystery Lake…(Above 16000 Feet from Sea Level) The Roopkund-Mystery Lake is to a Himalayan trekker what the movie ‘Sholay’ is to a hardcore Bollywood buff. Just like Sholay is the complete Bollywood entertainer (it...
Kuari Pass Trek Explorers Pune Mumbai

Kuari Pass – Lord Curzon Trek

Kuari Pass – Pangarchulla Peak Kuari pass trek is a very famous trek of Garhwal Himalayas. There are many bugyals (grasslands) and many lakes en-route this trek. One can view almost all the major Himalayan peaks from here. The beautiful bugyals en-route are Gurson bugyal,...

Manali Adventure Camp 2024

Manali Adventure Camp About Manali Adventure Camp (Above 9000 Feet from Sea Level) Explorers have developed a 8 days Manali Adventure Camp in true Himalayan style that offers additional emphasis on outdoor teaching techniques. Manali Adventure Camp is designed to develop outdoor...