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The variety of camps available to please all kids and teens whether their interest is sporting, creative, academic or simply just play.
Explorers’ Summer Camps, provide the ultimate opportunity to pursue awesome activities, make new friends and create lasting memories. More than 10,000 kids have taken part in camps so far and relished the opportunity to face new challenges, learn new skills, and, most importantly, have loads of fun.

Rajmachi Jungle Kids Camp

Four Days
Rajmachi Jungle Kids Camp About Rajmachi Jungle Kids Camp: Rajmachi Camping...
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Rs. 6500/-

Matheran Kids Camp

Three Days
Matheran Kids Camp About Matheran Kids Camp: Matheran is a most famous and...
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Rs. 6000/-

Koyana Backwater Camp

Four Days
Koyna Backwater About Koyna Backwater Tapola famously called the mini...
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Rs. 7500/-