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Dukes Nose Valley Crossing

Dukes Nose Valley Crossing

Dukes Nose Valley Crossing About Dukes Nose Valley Crossing Nagphani, later known as Duke’s Nose after Duke Wellington, is a cliff at Khandala near Lonavala. The Cliff is pointed like a snakes pointed head portion (hood) and hence the name Nagphani (Nag means snake and phani...
Explorers Adventure Treks Tours Pune Mumbai Pawana Lake Camping Tents

Pawna Lake Camping Womens Day Special

Pawna Lake Camping Womens Day Special About Pawna Lake Camping Womens Day Special: Pawna Lake Camping….
Explorers Adventure Treks Tours Pune Mumbai Gorakhgad Adventure Trek

Gorakhgad Adventure Trek

Gorakhgad About Gorakhgad: Gorakhgad is a fort located in Murbad. Gorakhgad was mainly used for meditation. There is a small Mahadev temple on the top of Gorakhgad . The Ahupe Ghat, Siddhagad & Machindragad can be seen from the top of Gorakhgad.
Enjoying Snow Rafting - Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek by Explorers Pune Mumbai

Manali Snow Trail 2021 Ex. Delhi

Manali Snow Trail Manali Snow Trail. (Above 3200- 3300M Feet from Sea Level) Manali Snow Trail will offer you the best views of Himalayas. Manali looks stunning in winters – the white beauty! It is all covered in snow and it looks magical, just like some wonderland right...
Bhrigu Lake Trek Explorers BHRIGU LAKE -SUMMER

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake Trek About Bhrigu Lake Trek (4235 Mtr. from Sea Level) Bhrigu Lake Trek is one of the scenic high-altitude trek in Himalaya. During Bhrigu Lake Trek we witness lush green valleys, high-altitude meadows and dazzling landscapes. In Bhrigu Lake Trek you can notice that...
Explorers_Torna_Night Trek

Torna Trek

Torna Trek Torna fort is located in Pune district & also named as “PRACHANDAGAD”. Height 1,403 Meters (4,603 ft) above sea level, making it the highest fort in Pune District. One can see on torna fort Goddess Toranjai & Mengai, Budhla Machi, Bini Darwaaja, Konkan...
Sudhagad to Tailbaila Range Trek by Explorers Pune Mumbai

Sudhagad Trek

Sudhagad Trek About Sudhagad Trek Sudhagad is located in the Pali region which lies towards Lonavala Side. The central place of Sudhagad taluka is Pali, well known for its Ganpati Mandir which is one of the eight Ganpati Mandirs popularly known as Astavinayak. Sudhagad (also...

Lonavala to Phanasrai Mountain Trek

Lonavala to Phanasrai Mountain Trek 2019 About Lonavala to Phanasrai Mountain Trek: As Explorers we are always there to give you something New & unexplored. This year we have discovered this New route which is easily accessible to all age groups & Beginners. The Trek...
Kundalika Rafting

Kundalika Rafting

Kundalika River Rafting (White Water Rafting) Kundalika Rafting or white water rafting is the challenging recreational outdoor activity of using an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. One of the world’s most captivating adventure; Kundalika Rafting...
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Manali Adventure Camp by Air

Manali Adventure Camp About Manali Adventure Camp by Air (Above 9000 Feet from Sea Level) Explorers have developed a 8 days Manali Adventure Camp in true Himalayan style that offers additional emphasis on outdoor teaching techniques. Manali Adventure Camp is designed to develop...