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Rajmachi Monsoon Trek

Rajmachi Monsoon Trek About Rajmachi Monsoon Trek: Rajmachi is a very famous attraction known for its ancient remains and strategic location. Rajmachi lies at a distance of 15 kilometres from the hill stations of Khandala and Lonavala. Rajmachi comprises of two fortresses namely...


Dhodap Details Coming Soon… Dhodap Fort. About Dhodap Fort: Dhodap Fort
Lingana View from Railing Platue lingana Climbing & Rappelling by Explorers Pune Mumbai

Shivjayanti Special Lingana Climbing & Rappelling

Lingana 1000 feet Climbing & Rappelling Dream of Every Trekker…. Lingana is a massive pinnacle on the mainline of the Sahyadris between Raigad and Torna. It takes its name from its shape which is like a linga. First half of Linhana Climbing is easy while the second is...
Approaching - Pha Konda Peak expedition by Explorers Pune Mumbai

Pha Konda Peak Expedition

Pha Konda Peak Expedition. About Pha Konda Peak Expedition (4250 Mtr. from Sea Level) Pha Konda Peak Expedition is a very challenging & scenic, summer high-altitude Mountaineering Expedition cum Trek. Pha Konda Peak Expedition starts from the Prini road. Pha Konda Peak...
Chhika Valley view - Hampta Pass Trek by Explorers Pune Mumbai

Hampta Pass Trek

Hamta Pass & Chandertal Lake (4300m) mtr. from Sea Level) About Hamta Pass & Chandertal Lake (4300m) mtr. from Sea Level Want to enjoy the pristine Himalayan wilderness and have a memorable trekking experience, which takes you in a different tangent altogether, Welcome...
Zameer Campsite-A - Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek by Explorers Pune Mumbai

Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek

Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek. About Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek (Above 9000 Feet from Sea Level) Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek is a very scenic, summer high-altitude trek. Deo Tibba Base Camp Trek starts from the Prini road head, the trek winds through lush green valleys, hanging glaciers,...


Kailasgad – A short n Sweet Excursion Kailasgad is an unknown fort probably with no famous history at all though it is said that Shivaji raje had once visited this fort. The scenic waterfalls and the Mulshi waters is what makes trekking this fort a beautiful experience in...
Devkund Waterfall Trek by Explorers Pune Mumbai

Devkund Waterfall Trek

Devkund Waterfall Trek. About Devkund: Devkund waterfall is located inside the forest near a small village called ‘Bhira’. Devkund waterfall is one of the virgin places with crystal clear water. It’s confluence of three waterfalls and is said to be the origin of Kundalika river....
Explorers Andharban Trek Explorers treks & tours #Andharban #explorers_group #Explorers #ExplorersTreks&Tours #ExplorersOutdoors #ExplorersPune #Treks&Tours

Andharban Jungle Trek 2018

Andharban Andharban, itself means dense dark forest. Andharban is one of the most popular trek in rainy season. The route of Andharban trek is a pleasurable walk through deep forest, crossing Streams, waterfalls. Andharban trek starts with descending a Beautiful Valley which...
Explorers Madhu Makarandgad Trek

Madhu Makarandgad Trek

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Makarandgad Trek About Makarandgad Trek Makarandgad is surrounded by the famous forest of Javli. There are temples of Bhairoba and Mallikarjun on the top of the hill. The top of makarandgad provides the views of Mahabaleshwar, Pratapgad, Rasalgad, Sumargad and Mahipatgad. From...