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Vasota Jungle Trek & Backwater Camping

Vasota Jungle Trek & Backwater Camping About Vasota Jungle Trek & Backwater Camping: A serene location for both trekkers and camp lovers, Vasota trek through jungle concludes by a camping location where you can sit by a campfire surrounded by a landscape of sparkling...
Dhak Bhairi Rock Climbing & Rappelling by Explorers Pune Mumbai

Dhak Bhairi Climbing & Rappelling Trek

Dhak Bhairi Climbing & Rappelling Trek About Dhak Bhairi: Dhak Bhairi is one of the nearest & Adventurous Trek in Sahyadri for Pune & Mumbai People. The meaning of Dhak Bhairi is “Dhak is name of fort & Bhairi means “Bhairavnath”. Just 2 hours Jungle trek...
Vasota Jungle Trek by Explorers Pune Mumbai

Vasota Fort Jungle Trek

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Vasota Fort Jungle Trek Vasota Fort Jungle Trek: Vasota Fort (also called Vyaghragad) is located in Satara district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Shivaji Maharaj named the fort “Vyaghragad” (Vyaghra – means tiger), owing to its difficult natural defense....

Khandas to Bhimashankar by Ladder Way

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Explorers_Torna_Night Trek

Torna Moonlight Trek

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Rajmachi biking

Rajmachi Off-Road Biking

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Diveagar Coastal Adventure Camp

Diveagar Coastal Adventure Camp- 2 Days | 3 Days Day1 Need Text. Day2 Need Text. Day3 Need Text. Day4 Need Text.