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Gorakhgad Adventure Trek

Gorakhgad About Gorakhgad: Gorakhgad is a fort located in Murbad. Gorakhgad was mainly used for meditation. There is a small Mahadev temple on the top of Gorakhgad . The Ahupe Ghat, Siddhagad & Machindragad can be seen from the top of Gorakhgad.
Kundalika Rafting Camping

Kundalika Rafting Camping..Campfire..BBQ

Kundalika Rafting Camping..Campfire..BBQ About Kundalika Rafting: Rafting or white water rafting is the challenging recreational outdoor activity of using an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. One of the world’s most captivating adventure; White...
Explorers Peb Fort (Vikatgad)

Peb Fort (Vikatgad)

Peb Fort (Vikatgad) About Peb Fort: Peb fort derives its name from the Goddess ‘Pebi’; Peb fort is also called ‘Vikatgad’ for its supposed shape of the Elephant Headed God, ‘Ganesh’. The trek to the top of Peb fort involves surmounting a small...
Lakeside Camping Vasota Jungle Trek Backwater Camping- Explorers | Adventure Treks Tours-Pun

Vasota Jungle Trek Backwater Camping

Vasota Jungle Trek Backwater Camping About Vasota Jungle Trek Backwater Camping: A serene location for both trekkers and camp lovers, Vasota trek through jungle concludes by a camping location where you can sit by a campfire surrounded by a landscape of sparkling clear lakes and...
Vasota Fort Jungle Trek by Explorers Pune Mumbai

Vasota Fort Jungle Trek

Vasota Fort Jungle Trek Vasota Fort Jungle Trek: Vasota peaceful location for trekkers, Vasota fort situated in the laps of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Vasota Jungle is known for its flora and fauna that charms both trekkers and nature lovers. As you trek through this dense yet...
Lingana View from Railing Platue lingana Climbing & Rappelling by Explorers Pune Mumbai

Shivjayanti Special Lingana Climbing & Rappelling

Lingana 1000 feet Climbing & Rappelling Dream of Every Trekker…. Lingana is a massive pinnacle on the mainline of the Sahyadris between Raigad and Torna. It takes its name from its shape which is like a linga. First half is easy to climb while the second is difficult....
Explorers Madhu Makarandgad Trek

Madhu Makarandgad Trek

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Makarandgad Trek About Makarandgad Trek Makarandgad is surrounded by the famous forest of Javli. There are temples of Bhairoba and Mallikarjun on the top of the hill. The top of makarandgad provides the views of Mahabaleshwar, Pratapgad, Rasalgad, Sumargad and Mahipatgad. From...
Sudhagad to Tailbaila Range Trek by Explorers Pune Mumbai


Sudhagad Night Trek About Sudhagad Sudhagad is located in the Pali region which lies towards Lonavala Side. The central place of Sudhagad taluka is Pali, well known for its Ganpati Mandir which is one of the eight Ganpati Mandirs popularly known as Astavinayak. Sudhagad (also...
Canyon Valley Trek by Explorers Pune Mumbai

Canyon Valley Waterfall Trek

Canyon Valley Waterfall Trek About Canyon Valley Waterfall Trek Canyon means a deep valley with steep rock sides and often a stream or river flowing through it. Canyon Valley waterfall fall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls located between Lonavala and khandala. Canyon...
Tarkarli Beach Camping & Scuba Diving by Explorers Pune Mumbai

Tarkarli Beach Camping & Scuba Diving

Tarkarli Beach Camping & Scuba Diving Tarkarli Beach Camping: Tarkarli is situated in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, Known for its white sandy beach and water sports. Tarkarli beach is arguably one of the most picturesque beaches in the Konkan region of Maharashtra....