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Diveager Coastal Adventure

Currently no Fixed Departures for Diveager Coastal Adventure….. Diveagar is approximately 170 kilometers from Pune and the drive to Diveagar will take about 4 hours. The route to Diveagar via the Tamhini ghats is amazingly beautiful. Diveagar is just like any small fresh...
Naneghat Adventure Camping

Naneghat Adventure Camping

Naneghat Adventure Camping About Naneghat Adventure Camp: Naneghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats range near Junnar in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. During the reign of the Satavahana (200 BCE-190 CE), the pass was extensively used as a trade route between Kalyan...
Explorers_Torna_Night Trek

Torna Moonlight Trek

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Rajmachi Jungle Kids Camp

Rajmachi Jungle Kids Camp

Rajmachi Jungle Kids Camp About Rajmachi Jungle Kids Camp: Rajmachi Camping site is around 16 kms from Lonavala City. Still it’s a beautiful spot away from the crowd. Campsite is located facing mountains in front with trees around and Rajmachi fort in backdrop. Rajmachi...
Koyana Backwater

Koyana Backwater Camp

Koyna Backwater About Koyna Backwater Tapola famously called the mini Kashmir of the west is a rustic hamlet with a magnificent lake – Shivsagar. Tapola is a satellite village of Mahabaleshwar about 25 Kms down the valley. A rustic hamlet famed as the ‘Mini...
Matheran Kids Camp

Matheran Kids Camp

Matheran Kids Camp About Matheran Kids Camp: Matheran is a most famous and coolest Hill Station situated in Karjat Tahsil, Raigad District of Maharashtra, India. Matheran is the smallest hill station of India. It is located on the range of Western Ghats at height of 800 m (2625...
Kanha Jungle Safari by Explorers Pune Mumbai

Kanha Jungle Safari

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Diveagar Coastal Adventure Camp

Diveagar Coastal Adventure Camp- 2 Days | 3 Days Day1 Need Text. Day2 Need Text. Day3 Need Text. Day4 Need Text.